Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome to my blog

So Finally its here..
Wanted to blog.. but due to many other priorities could not do so.
Since my daughter is of two.three years now.. Yeah I have a daughter her Name is "Zyana". I get some time these days to use my compu..

Well the reason for me blogging was to say thanks to all those beautiful and talented people on the web, who have somehow helped me to learn new things.

More of it Later.. Well about Me..
My Name is Archana currently staying in Pune Maharashtra.I was a Mobile Game Developer in Mumbai pre Marriage. Post Marriage i shifted to Pune and left my job for my adorabale daughter.

I Love to Cook, Bake, I Crochet. I Love Crafts..

Ohh here comes my Zyana.. finishing her afternoon nap.. Cya Later


  1. Hi Archana, Congrats on your new blog and your first post. Looking forward to a lot of crafty news from you and maybe pics of your baby too? I am going to be your first follower...yay!
    Best of luck.

  2. Thanks for the chirpiest welcome message ;)

  3. Welcome, welcome! I'm new to the blogosphere as well and I'm so happy I tripped upon you blog! I love your blanket from 2009, just gorgeous. I hope you'll post pictures of the new house. What an exciting time for ou guys :)