Monday, October 8, 2012

Projects Completed.. Part 1

There goes my second post.. Weekends I dont get time to use computer... plus hubby's friend and his wife had come to our place for lunch. Then we went to check out the progress of our new home..

As mentioned in the earlier post would like to share my attempt to crochet.

 This I made when I was expecting my baby..  in 2009 -10 did knew whether a Boy of Girl so could not decide upon the colors.. hence used both pink as well as white.. smart!!

Thats my Zyana sleeping :)

and Then I made this another blanket for her.. this multicolored yarn was brought by my hubby when he had been to Chandigarh. My In Laws stay here
The flowers are from Lucy's Attic 24

 I Love this Bag.. It keeps on growing. Zyana stuffs the Stuffed toys in her.. You can find the Pattern here.. I made 2 extra rounds for base.. so as to make it big .

Take Care for Now Cya..

And Yeah Sangeetha jee. Thanks for welcoming me and being very first follower.. I Love the Chirpyness that you have in your blogs


  1. Thanks for visiting and joining me:) so we have something in common -IT and now crocheting too!

    The blankets are lovely!! I liked the first one most:)

    I am now going to be the second follower of your blog! I left my job last year and started blogging a month back . Still exploring. The members who meet in the beginning are always remembered. It is nice to see the blog grow at its infant stage :)

    Hope to see lot of creativity here:)

    1. Thanks for the inspiring words Preeti
      Thats true.. Its like finding a friend on the very first day of College :-D

  2. Hi Archana and welcome! I am glad we all are finding each other in this little but beautiful world of creativity. Your work is amazing. Hope to see you around more often.

    1. Thanks Shikha for the appreciation..
      Hope to see you too with lots of inspiration :)