Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Rose is Rose is a Rose

Hello Dearies..
How have you been.. Its Weekend -1 day already...
Well I have been upto something for the past few days.. crocheting dozens of roses.. in pinks. reds, peaches, whites....

What will be I doing.. here is the sample ;)
Making it into a rose garland and will be using it along with my curtains at my new home .. I am so excited about it..
As of now I dont have green colored yarn to make leaves and the calyx.. once I have it will be donne...

But anyways you can have a sneak peek.. and yup suggestions and modifications are most welcome..

 These are some still to be stitched ones.. The finished ones Z took  for playing :(

Waiting for your expert tips and suggestions 
 Stay Happy


  1. These look so pretty! I am sure they are going to brighten up your new home. Looking forward to see the finished garland. :)

  2. Nice flowers!:) try to get the green yarn too, it will enhance the look or if you have a green fabric, then you can stitch some leaves with that too !

  3. Congratulations to your nice blog, have much fun with blogging! Your roses are really lovely. A garland is a good idea, it will surely look beautiful with green yarn and some leaves inbetween! Further ideas may be to sew some on cushions, bags, hairclips, ... :-)

  4. @shikha: Thanks for liking my flowers..
    @Preeti : Yeah I am waiting for the Green Yarn to arrive. I Have ordered it from Pradhan Embroidery store..
    Natas Nest : Welcome to my Blog Dear, and would try out the things you said.. as of now I am thinking of putting it up along with my curtains..
    Will post pictures as soon as its done...