Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back Again

Hello.. Lovelies and Dearies
Well I am back again.. from.. actually from nowhere.. Was just busy at home.. 
Navratris... Oh my daughter loved playing dandiya and garba this year... she enjoyed it so much that even after dussehra she wanted to get ready and go down...
every other day she was invited for the kanchka..
this 31st was my Hubby's 30th birthday.. so was busy with his birthday celebration..
and then Karwachauth... and now Diwaalii...

 Trying to engage my Z in all kinds of activity these days.. I want to reduce her TV time...

She Loves CHOTA BHEEM.. she can sit for the whole day and keep watching...
Hence Less blogging and crocheting these days..
Yesterday we were painting diyas... did some cleaning here and there... phew...

In the meantime I got my yarn from Pradhan Embroidery Store and a Crochet book from HOMESHOP 18..
Will post the pictures soon... :)

Thats Little Miss Z with her friends :)


  1. Miss Z is sooo cute! My son is also a big fan of Chhota Bheem. He asked me to make laddoos for him, he was actually after my life till I made them. At this moment, while I am writing this comment, he is watching CB. :)
    Good luck for your new project!

    1. Hey Shikha.. I Hope he didnt compare your ladoos with TUNTUN MAUSI's Ladoos ;))
      How young is he??

  2. Hello, Archana! Thanks for joining my blog, I joined your too) I can see that we might be of same age, except I don't have any kids yet)hehe
    So, busy with all the festivals? See my posts about it too) I'd like to see more of your crochet in your blog! Best wishes, Anna.

  3. You have a really nice space here and so much of creative work with a little one.