Friday, January 18, 2013

A Bird House in My House

How have you been doing??
My Weekend went away in registering for the Aadhar Card.. and Hubby took Off from his Office for two days since he had weekend Working.. So No Crochet time..

But I managed to complete my Birdouse today..
While browsing through the etsy long ago.. I happened to see this..
Crochet Birdhouse Since then I was thinking of making it.. you can find her blog here TeenyWeenyDesign

Here is my version of the Birdhouse :)

A bit zoomed one.. I have not yet blocked it

If you want to make one..
Birdhouse from Free Crochet
Bird from J J Crochet
Flowers I made from  200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims
I Hope you like it.. :)

Have A Great Weekend..

Keep Smiling :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello World..!

Hey There...
Have been waiting to show this...!!

My first ever Amigurumi... A itsy bitsy Turtle

Found the pattern from here  Amigurumi Turtle.
Presenting ... Mr Turtle

Cant wait to try my hands on other patterns..!!

Take Care..
Have A Great Day Ahead :)

Archana :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

We Wish You Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year too..!!!
Me Hubby and My Z..

Its always so nice to see all the festivities around and I Love Christmas..

By the way do you remember my roses.. well here they are..

Its done!!!.. I made few leaves as well.. but yet to be attached.. Thanks to my daughter.. it was her STORY TIME

 One More...

How do you like it??

Zyana in her Christmas Party Avatar... with her gifts from her Playschool.. she moved.. or else you could have seen the LOVELY headband I made for her ;) :)

Cya.. and Enjoy....


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Belated Gift

Gud Afternoon Friends..

It was my SIL( Sister in Law's.. my brother's wife's) birthday this 3rd.. I was making a mini sling bag for her.. could not complete it on time..
But now its done.. would like to share.

The Thread I used was a local one... I liked the shine it had.. and yeah its a embroidery thread I guess :)


Take Care..
Have a Lovely Day :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crafty Things

How have you been doing?
I had been to my home.. Mumbai for a wedding..

Had a great time with my niece.. resulting a sore throat.. thanks to all the fun activities(naughty) the two sisters did..
Well would like to share a few things I did when I was in School..
and some Crochet work that was a joint venture of my Mom and Me.. But was not able to click a ripple blanket, a doily, two cross stitches.. one Satin Stitch  why.. my mom has packed it up and is going to put it up in our native home..

I hope you enjoyed them..:)

Take Care..

Friday, November 30, 2012


Okay Okay.. before you think about PHD's.. let me tell you.. its Projects Half Done. Actually had read this term way before on some blog.. if the originator of the term drops by.. read my Hi ;)

This first piece is a waiting to made into a bag. I want to line the bag with a fabric. and I am very poor in stitching.. :( I will get it done by my mom.. the earlier bag this one was also done by her ..

and second is already a bag but minus the lining.. thats used my by Z as her shopping bag ;)

and this I dont know what to name it.. may be a Sofa Back Cover.. wanted to finish up all the leftover yarn I had before I start a new ones..


Archana :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Projects Completed.. Part 2

Well.. This had to be posted much earlier. but the laziness of drafting.....

This is a headband I had made for Z's friend as Christmas gift last year


My First potholer that I had made.. earlier I was afraid to make things with different colors.  but now I am Liking it.. Pattern over The Green Dragonfly

I always wanted to make a hexagon.. so just made a hexagon doily.

Bags Bags Bags..

The first one is inspired from the Lucy's Blog..
The second is my very own attempt.. the stitch is from the book 250 Basic Crochet Stitches. I Love this book.. It was gifted by my Husband..

Lazy Blogger

Hi and Hello..

Long Time...These days I dont get time to blog. I just read the blogs and leave
Had been to Bhopal for a wedding. Just back yesterday and I am still doing laundry and cleaning my house.

Visited LakshmiNarayan temple called as Birla Mandir. Manav Sangrahalaya  & Van Vihar National Park.

The people from Bhopal relish lots of ice cream I guess.. there are shops named Top n Town at regular intervals.
The wedding was just fantastic +  food was awesome.

Posting a few pics of the Diwali and my Z..

The coloring books we bought for her to keep her busy while travelling..
and yes she handles her colors well...
she knows red yellow green and blue...picks up a crayon matches with the picture and says..
Mumma Ye dekho mil gaya mujhe ( See I Got the color)

She loves flowers..

and yes not to forget the yarn that I had ordered from Mumbai..
I Think that needs a separate post :)

Cya and Shine On....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back Again

Hello.. Lovelies and Dearies
Well I am back again.. from.. actually from nowhere.. Was just busy at home.. 
Navratris... Oh my daughter loved playing dandiya and garba this year... she enjoyed it so much that even after dussehra she wanted to get ready and go down...
every other day she was invited for the kanchka..
this 31st was my Hubby's 30th birthday.. so was busy with his birthday celebration..
and then Karwachauth... and now Diwaalii...

 Trying to engage my Z in all kinds of activity these days.. I want to reduce her TV time...

She Loves CHOTA BHEEM.. she can sit for the whole day and keep watching...
Hence Less blogging and crocheting these days..
Yesterday we were painting diyas... did some cleaning here and there... phew...

In the meantime I got my yarn from Pradhan Embroidery Store and a Crochet book from HOMESHOP 18..
Will post the pictures soon... :)

Thats Little Miss Z with her friends :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Rose is Rose is a Rose

Hello Dearies..
How have you been.. Its Weekend -1 day already...
Well I have been upto something for the past few days.. crocheting dozens of roses.. in pinks. reds, peaches, whites....

What will be I doing.. here is the sample ;)
Making it into a rose garland and will be using it along with my curtains at my new home .. I am so excited about it..
As of now I dont have green colored yarn to make leaves and the calyx.. once I have it will be donne...

But anyways you can have a sneak peek.. and yup suggestions and modifications are most welcome..

 These are some still to be stitched ones.. The finished ones Z took  for playing :(

Waiting for your expert tips and suggestions 
 Stay Happy