Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Projects Completed.. Part 2

Well.. This had to be posted much earlier. but the laziness of drafting.....

This is a headband I had made for Z's friend as Christmas gift last year


My First potholer that I had made.. earlier I was afraid to make things with different colors.  but now I am Liking it.. Pattern over The Green Dragonfly

I always wanted to make a hexagon.. so just made a hexagon doily.

Bags Bags Bags..

The first one is inspired from the Lucy's Blog..
The second is my very own attempt.. the stitch is from the book 250 Basic Crochet Stitches. I Love this book.. It was gifted by my Husband..


  1. lovely things! Share more:) I also like Lucy's bag, but haven't tried to make it yet. what yarn did u use for a hairband? i'd like to make one for myself, but don'y want it to be prickly.
    great when husbands encourage our hobbies - mine does yarn shopping with me :)

    1. Hey Anna.. You Look So Pretty :)
      About the yarn for the headband.. I had picked up from a local shop. Its pure cotton.. No Shiny threads as in Acrylic ones..:)

  2. Thanks, but where did u see me?or that doll in my avatar?:)
    Ok then, I will try to find some cotton yarn here.. though haven't seen it anywhere yet.

  3. Beautiful things! The bag hanging on the chair is my favorite :-)