Friday, November 30, 2012


Okay Okay.. before you think about PHD's.. let me tell you.. its Projects Half Done. Actually had read this term way before on some blog.. if the originator of the term drops by.. read my Hi ;)

This first piece is a waiting to made into a bag. I want to line the bag with a fabric. and I am very poor in stitching.. :( I will get it done by my mom.. the earlier bag this one was also done by her ..

and second is already a bag but minus the lining.. thats used my by Z as her shopping bag ;)

and this I dont know what to name it.. may be a Sofa Back Cover.. wanted to finish up all the leftover yarn I had before I start a new ones..


Archana :)


  1. Archana, what lovely projects you have! Great that you posted them in blog, like this you will at least have a guilt if they remain PHDs :)kidding.
    I love the African flowers can make a pretty afghan out of it or a short throw. I myself planning to get involved into blanket crocheting. There are so many lovely patterns on Ravelry! mmm...let's see.
    have a nice day ahead and wishing you to find time to accomplish your PHDs:)

  2. Lovely projects! :) This lining stuff is sometimes a boring job be it for bag or cushion. I too have couple of them pending with lining. Your flowers are beautiful:) you can also put on your door as a bunting(toran) or can also make a runner for dining table or centre table:)

  3. Nice! I especially like that turquoise bag :-)